PhD Studies in English „Optics in Science and Engineering”

at the Faculty of Mechatronics

  1. Throughout the duration of PhD Studies in English (PhD SE), a PhD student conducts scientific research essential for preparation of a doctoral thesis and takes part in didactic course which is accessible in university’s course offer for PhD students or in PhD SE’s offer in range of „Optics in Science and Engineering”
  2. PhD student is obliged to publish scientific research results in scientific journals and present them on scientific conferences.
  3. PhD student is bound to carry out an individual scientific work which should be presented at least once a semester in a form of an oral presentation on a seminar organized in the organizational unit of his advisor and on the seminar organized by the Head of PhD SE.
  4. DuringPhD SE, a student is obliged to pass didactic course, especially:
    • Advanced subjects from basic category in amount of at least 60 hours, accomplished within the 1st year of study, ending with an exam
    • Other advanced subjects from basic category and specialized subjects related with scientific disciple in which research is conducted, altogether at least 150 hours
    • Subjects from general category, altogether at least 30 hours
  5. Individual schedule of studies, including scientific work schedule and subjects in each academic year is determined by PhD student in agreement with his/her advisor.
  6. Opening of the PhD programme should be done before the end of the 3rd year of studies.
  7. The condition required to finalize the PhD Studies is submission of doctoral thesis, positively revised by PhD studen’s advisor, before the end of PhD SE duration.

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