Regulations of PhD Studies in English on „Optics in Science and Engineering” at the Faculty of Mechatronics, Warsaw University of Technology

§1. General provisions

  1. On the Faculty of Mechatronics, Warsaw University of Technology, as a part of three level studies course the PhD Studies in English (PhD SE) on „Optics in Science and Engineering” are organized. PhD SE are available in tree scientific disciplines: Automatic Control, Machine Design & Maintenance and Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering.
  2. PhD SE are open for citizens of Poland and citizens of any other European Union or European Economic Area country with the master degree or any equivalent. Rules regarding others are regulated by other, specific regulations.
  3. The students are charged tuition fees. The amount of tuition fees are determined by the Rector on a proposal from the Dean. The Rector on a proposal from the Dean is able to release the student from the fee.
  4. Proof of English proficiency: TOEFL iBT (include a minimum score of 80) or equivalent certificate.
  5. The Director of PhD Studies in English, which is determined by the Rector on a proposal of the Dean, is a direct superior of all participants of PhD SE. All the activity taken under PhD SE in under the substantial surveillance of the Faculty Council of the faculty. The Faculty Council takes decisions regarding i.e.: admission procedure, framed studies schedule.
  6. Each PhD SE participant has his/her individual advisor which is on duty of substantial surveillance of participant’s work. An advisor is a professor employed at the Faculty which has the authorization for guiding doctoral thesis.
  7. Research work linked with their theses PhD SE students conduct in the organization unit of the Faculty.
  8. PhD SE participants have the same rights as full time and part time PhD students in order to take part in elections for representatives to Faculty PhD Students Council and other representative organs and elector boards.

§2. Enrolment

  1. Enrolment on PhD SE is taken every semester. The amount of fee and regulations and admission procedure are announced to public at least 3 months before the beginning of the studies.
  2. An admission limit is determined by the Rector on a proposal from the Dean.
  3. Decisions on admission are taken by the Admission Committee for the PhD SE. The Admission Committee proposes to the Dean the applications of each candidate.
  4. Final decision regarding acceptance of a candidate for participant of PhD SE is taken by the Raktor on a proposal from the Dean.
  5. Fee payment for at least one semester of PhD SE is required for being accepted as a PhD SE participant.

§3. Organisation

  1. PhD SE is a 4-year program, which may start from summer or winter semester.
  2. In well-founded cases PhD SE participant may be granted Rectors agreement for extending the studies, but no longer than for a year. Application for studies extension should be approved by participant’s advisor. Additionally, the studies may be extended for duration of maternity leave.
  3. PhD SE are conducted according to Framed Program of PhD Studies in English, which is approved by Faculty Council.
  4. Each student pursues an individual study program that specifies the set of courses for each semester. The individual study program for each semester is developed together with and formally approved by the student’s advisor.
  5. The Director of PhD Studies in English monitors participants work every year. Results of monitoring are base for registration for next year of study. At the end of each year the Director of PhD Studies in English presents the registration results to Faculty Council and the Rektor.
  6. PhD SE participant is obliged to open his/her Ph. D. program and submit doctoral thesis within deadlines descripted in Framed Program of PhD Studies in English.

§4. Rights and obligations of PhD SE participants

  1. Participant is not obliged to conduct didactic activities, while do he/she is entitled to be paid on the base of contract.
  2. Participant is obliged to take part in Health and Safety training. Participant is not allowed to lead independently laboratory activities in which maintaining special safety regulations is required.
  3. Participant taking part in additional scientific work is allowed to be paid from the financial resources of those responsible for it. Additionally, for work done on benefit of the University, participant is allowed to be paid.
  4. PhD SE participant is allowed to take part in any didactic course and seminar, which take part on the University, as far as is it in agreement with Framed Program of PhD Studies in English and individual study program.
  5. PhD SE participant is granted a PhD student card. Those who lost the rights of being the participant is obliged to returned the PhD student card.
  6. At the end of each semester participant has to submit a report from his work to the Director of PhD Studies in English. Report should be approved by his/her advisor.
  7. Fees for every semester should be done before the semester starts.
  8. Participant which does not show the progress in his/her work and in realization of in Framed Program of PhD Studies in English or does not pay tuition fees will be relegated from PhD SE. Relegation is made by the Director of PhD Studies in English. Participant is entitled to appeal from this decision in 14 days from obtaining it.
  9. Participant may be dismiss from PhD SE on his/her own proposal.
  10. Participant studying away from his/her place of residence is entitled to get paid accommodation in students house or staff hotel on the Rektor rules.

§5. Final decisions

  1. Other merits are subjects to: Law on Higher Education, Science and Higher Education ministerial ordinances, Act of Senate of Warsaw University of Technology on PhD Studies in English.
  2. In issues omitted in Regulations of PhD Studies in English decision belongs to  the Director of PhD Studies in English. Appellation from this decisions is submitted to the Dean.

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