BiOpTo_logoBiOpTo: Tomographic phase microscope for biomedical applications

Label-free 3D quantitative phase imaging techniques are becoming increasingly important and popular in biological and medical applications. The main objective (MO) of the proposal is to develop, test and prepare for commercialization (TRL7) novel groundbreaking tool for quantitative 3D analysis of phase biological microobjects, namely the tomographic phase microscope (TPM).

Realization of the MO requires:

a) addressing the following major research breakthrough ideas:

  • novel schemes of dynamic modulation of illumination beam and multiple focusing plane methods for 3D reconstruction of refractive index distribution with improved accuracy and extended measurement depth;
  • novel tomographic solutions:
  • based on sequential reconstruction stitching in order to increase measurement volume and digitally overcome limitations imposed by the space-bandwidth product
  • based on projections from single-shot tomography with diffraction effects taken into account to digitally overcome the restrictions for analysis of variable in time phase microobjects;
  • new algorithms for analysis of changes in volumetric (tomographic) data due to influence of external conditions (mechanical, chemical, environmental), development of enhanced volume digital image correlation algorithms to support analysis of variable in time biological microstructures
  • development of measurement and data interpretation methodologies required to create customized software packages providing data that support directly advanced therapy medicinal products for the treatment of osteoarthritis, cancer and cardiac diseases

b) addressing the following business issues on the way to prepare the TMP for commercialization:

  • provide the optomechanical and software solutions and their implementations which qualify the TPM for TRL7;
  • provide the solutions which would realistically advance the product rout-to-the market (technically and economically);
  • overcome the main roadblocks for commercialization of TPM through:
  • promoting actively and deepen the understanding of the 3D phase measurements through tomography in the community of biologists and physicians,
  • evidencing the link between tomographic measurement results and the outputs from alternative microscopic imaging methods.


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