Diamond Grant MNiSW (Finished)


Scientific project aims at developing fast adaptive bidimensional empirical mode decomposition method and Hilbert transform for optical metrology with automated fringe pattern analysis. Implementing adaptive filtration and demodulation (measurand extraction) algorithms improves the analysis quality comparing with classical multi-frame (temporal phase shifting) and single-frame (Fourier transform) approaches. Investigated adaptive single-frame empirical mode decomposition and Hilbert transform methods enabled and streamlined non-contact full-field measurements using optical techniques: speckle pattern interferometry, grating (moiré) interferometry, moiré and structured illumination technique (four techniques for displacement, strain and 3D shape analysis of micro to macro scale objects), structured illumination microscopy (for noninvasive volumetric imaging of the biological samples) and time-averaged interferometry (for vibration phase and amplitude analysis). Recent results of our studies published in renowned optical journals attest to the scientific value of the project and enable further development of the algorithmic solutions under focus. [more]

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