MONIT (Finished)


The research tasks carried out within the Project were designed to develop innovative global technological solutions for methods and systems of monitoring the state of construction and of warning of emergency situations in objects where low risk level is required. The Project has been carried out by research teams from eight scientific institutions from Poland.

The works carried out in the Photonics Engineering Division included development of the optical Measurement methods such as: Digital Image Correlation, Grating Interferometry, Thermovision, Laser Triangulation and their adaptation for in-situ measurements. Developed measurement methods formed hierarchic measurement system that supports evaluation of the state of construction in micro and macro scales.

An important aspect of the project were applications of the developed measurement methods  in the biggest industries in Poland. The solutions developed through the Project’s implementation contributed to the improved quality of technical state of construction evaluations and extension of its lifespan in industries such as: power, aviation, building, transport, chemical industry.

Scientific and application effects of the project led to numerous publications, implementations in industry, two patent applications and setting up a spin-off company.