Graduate PhD studies are organized jointly by the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology (EWUT), Faculty of Mechatronics (MWUT) and the Faculty of Physics (PWUT).

The duration of the study is 4 years in which each student pursues an individual study programme (approved by the student’s advisor).

Ph.D. studies are offered in the areas of:

  • Machine Design and Maintenance
  • Control and Robotics
  • Physics
  • Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Electronics
  • Informatics

with specialization in Photonics Engineering.

During the first two years the students are offered a big choice of elective lectures and laboratory capabilities of all three faculties in the following areas:

  • Nonlinear optics
  • Photonics fibers design and applications
  • Computer techniques in photonics
  • Augmented reality
  • Optical fiber sensors
  • Optical networks
  • Optical computing
  • Advanced optical design
  • Advanced optical metrology
  • Design and characterization of MEMS/MOEMS

And other according to the progress in optics and photonics sciences as well as general lectures and projects on transferable skills (project management, entrepreneurship).The joint expertise in optics and photonics and their applications connected with mechatronics, life sciences, robotics, information sciences production engineering of the three Faculties provide excellent basis for solving the most advanced research problems. The topics of Ph.D. thesis are connected with the topics of numerous national and international high-tech projects conducted at the Faculties. The Ph.D. students together with their supervisors are creating the face of modern optics and photonics. They cooperate with international research teams and take part in many additional courses and summer schools organized by cooperating Universities and Research institutions. The obligatory task among research activities of Ph.D. student is publishing the results in scientific journals and presenting them at conferences or/and patenting the new solutions. Our graduates are highly recognized internationally and hold many important positions in science and industry.

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