Juan Martinez Carranza

mgr inż. Juan Martinez Carranza

Curriculum Vitae
I obtained my master degree in August 2011 from the National Institute for Research of Astrophysics Optics and Electronics (INAOE) based in Puebla, Mexico. In March 2012, I became a PhD student at Faculty of Mechatronics in the Optical Engineering Division. My PhD research is about Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) with Single Beam Phase Retrieval Techniques (SBPRT) in the visible region and their  applications to optical microscopy. In April 2014, I presented my PhD opening under the supervision of Professor of WUT Tomasz Kozacki and Dr. Konstantinos Falaggis with the topic “Development of quantitative phase retrieval method employing Transport of Intensity Equation”. The current tasks I am developing in my PhD research are mainly  focused to create the mathematical framework for Deterministic Phase Retrieval Techniques based on the Transport of Intensity Equation (TIE) that allow an accurate phase retrieval for biological samples and industrial objects. My main goal is to create a phase retrieval technique based on TIE that will be able to work in harsh noise conditions delivering accurate phase reconstructions and with resolution beyond of the diffraction limit.
  • Interferometry
  • Holography
  • Single Beam Phase Retrieval Techniques
  • Super-resolution
  • Nano Optics
  • Quantum Optics
Teaching materials
  • Stipend ship from the Mexican Government for the master studies (2009-2011).
  • Stipend ship from the FNP. Subject: "Phase microscopy and tomography- new approach to 3D measurements of  biological and technological structures (3DPHASE)". Grant number: TEAM-2011-7/7
Juan Martinez Carranza



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