Małgorzata Kujawińska

prof. dr hab. inż. Małgorzata Kujawińska

Curriculum Vitae

I had been graduated from Fine Mechanics Faculty of Warsaw University of Technology in 1976 with specialization optical systems. I had been awarded with PhD in 1982 and habilitation in 1997, both in applied optics. In 1997 I got the title of national professor. In 1987-1989 I stayed at National Physical Laboratory (UK) within British Council scholarship and contract from King’s College University London. I have been employed at Warsaw University of Technology as assistant professor (1982-1997) and professor (1997 – present). I am married and I have the daughter- Ann and son – Jacek.

International expert in full-field optical metrology, image processing and opto-numerical  systems covering such methods as: interferometry, moire/speckle interferometry, optical and digital holography and holographic interferometry, optical tomography, structured light methods, moire fringe and digital image correlation methods, as well as development of novel full-field photonics sensors and 2D/3D/4D digital  image processing and phase retrieval  techniques. The applications range from data content capture for multimedia and medicine, through art objects and civil engineering structures monitoring and measurements for experimental mechanics, material and optical engineering.
Teaching materials
  • Author and co-author of more than 400 publications and conference presentations, including:2 monographs,  11 book chapters, 110 papers in refereed journals, over 300conference papers.
  • Theory and applications of optical, synthetic and multiexposure  holograms;
  • Rainbow holography with an extended field of view;
  • Automatic methods of fringe pattern analysis (temporal and spatial phase shifting, spatial carrier phase shifting, Fourier transform method;
  • Multichannel systems of holographic, speckle and grating  interferometry with automatic fringe pattern analysis;
  • Grating interferometry and grating microextensometry;
  • Compact, waveguide grating interferometers integrated with loading machine and objects;
  • Hybrid opto-numerical methods of composite materials studies;
  • residual stresses studies in rails and welds;
  • Standardization of full-field optical methods of strain measurements;
  • 3D and  4D shape and deformation measurement methods of engineering and biological objects
  • Multimedia applications of 3D and 4D data capture;
  • Digital holography and its applications for imaging of 3D objects/scenes, holographic displays and holographic television;
  • Digital holographic interferometry for displacement and shape measurements;
  • Active interferometry and holography – development of active holographic cameras..
  • Interferometric systems for paralel, multichannel measurements of  MEMS/MOEMS at wafer;
  • Interferometric, holographic and elastooptics tomography for engineering and biological microobject studies;
  • Development and applications of digital image correlation (displacement/strain monitoring of civil engineering structures and art objects)
  • 5 Awards of The Ministry of Science and National Education for scientific activities
  • 16 Awards of Rector of WUT for scientific (10) and academic teaching  (6) achievements
  • Fellow of SPIE, Bellingham 1997, USA, for distinguished achievements in optical engineering
  • Golden Cross of Merit (1999) and Cavalier Cross of Merit  (2011) awarded by President of the Polish Republic
  • Innovator of the Year and Gold Medal of M. Sklodowska-Curie 2001
  • Several awards  at the International Innovation Fairs at Brussel and Gdansk, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2010
  • Medal of the Committee of National Education, 2004
  • The Knight of Holography, awarded in 2000 by the international community of holographers
  • Honorable scholarship awarded by the Foundation for Polish Science in the frame of Maestro Program “Development of optical methods for reverse engineering and multimedia technologies”, 2001-2004
  • Medal of WUT for extraordinary scientific and organizational achievements, 2007
  • SPIE Board of Directors award, 2010
  • Award of Photonics Society of Poland named  Prof. M. Pluta’s Award, 2012
  • SPIE 2013 Chandra S. Vikram Award in Optical Metrology (2013);
  • Member of Editorial Board of:  “Industrial Metrology” (1990-1993),  “Journal of Modern Optics (1990-1996), “Optoelectronics Review” (1993-1999), “Optica Applicata”      (2002-present), “Holography and Speckle” (2005- present), “Optomechatronics”               (2006-present), “Photonics Letter”,  2010-present, “Advanced Optical Technologies” (2011-present)
  • Dean of Postgraduate Studies at the Faculty of Mechatronics, WUT, 1993-1999;
  • Chair of Photonics Engineering Division at the Institute of micromechanics and Photonics, , 1997-present;
  • Deputy Dean for Science, Mechatronics Department, 1998-2002;
  • Member of Senat of Warsaw Univ. of Technology,   2009 – 2016;
  • Chair of WUT Senat Commission for Foreign Affairs, 2012-2016;
  • member of Rector’s Commission for WUT Strategy and Development  , 2010-2012;
  • member of Senat Commission for Science , 2012-obecnie;
  • member of the Scientific Council of Mechanics and Mechatronics School WUT, 2011 – present;
  • member of the Scientific Council of the Center of Advanced Studies WUT; 2013-obecnie;
  • Head of the EU Erasmus Mundus Master OpSciTech: optics in science and technology; 2007- present.
  • Vice-President of the Board of European Techn. Platform Photonics21, 2005- present;
  • Vice- President ICO- the Int. Commission for Optics, 2002-2008;
  • President SPIE- the Int. Society for Optical Eng., USA, 2005;
  • Director in the Board of Directors  SPIE, USA, 1992-1995, 1999-2006.
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