Piotr Zdańkowski

Piotr Zdańkowski, PhD

Curriculum Vitae
I obtained my MSc. Eng. Degree in 2013 at the Faculty of Mechatronics of Warsaw University of Technology, with the specialisation of Optical Engineering. During the studies I was a student fellow in the 3DPHASE funded by the Foundation for Polish Science TEAM programme and student fellow in the HoloTrue3D project funded by the National Science Centre Maestro programme. My work was considering design and development Fourier hologram registration with the application of the synthetic aperture. In 2014 I started the PhD studies at the University of Dundee, where I was an early stage researcher and PhD fellow in the PHOQUS project funded by the EU Marie Curie Actions programme. My main duties were to design and develop super-resolution stimulated emission depletion (STED) fluorescent microscope with adaptive optics for aberration correction. I obtained my PhD degree in May 2018 and from June 2018 I am a postdoctoral fellow in the National Science Centre Opus project “Numerically advanced phase and amplitude demodulation for optical interference microscopy and tomography”.
  • fluorescent microscopy and nanoscopy
  • super-resolution microscopy
  • adaptive optics and aberration correction
  • holography
  • Quantitative Phase Imaging
Teaching materials
  • Successful design and developement of super-resolution stimulated emission depletion microscope with adaptive optics for aberration correction. Built microscope enabled imaging of optically dense mitotic cells and imaging of stem cell axons located behind the thick layer of tissue, that introcuced significant optical aberrations.



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